certificate of deposit

( CD) A time deposit with a specific maturity evidenced by a certificate. Chicago Board of Trade glossary
( CD)
A large time deposit with a bank, having a specific maturity date and yield stated on the certificate. CDs usually are issued with $100,000 to $1,000,000 face values. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
certificate of deposit ( CD)
A deposit of funds, in a bank or savings and loan association, for a specified term that earns interest at a specified rate or rate formula. CDs may be secured or unsecured. CDs may be for terms as short as one week or for terms of 10 years or longer. CDs may have fixed or floating rates. CDs may be issued in either non-negotiable or negotiable form and in either physical or book-entry form. CDs may be issued by domestic offices of U.S. banks, by foreign branches of U.S. banks, and by foreign banks at either domestic U.S. or foreign locations.
See Eurodollar CDs, jumbo CDs, negotiable CDs and Yankee CDs. American Banker Glossary
( CD)
Also called a time deposit this is a certificate issued by a bank or thrift that indicates a specified sum of money has been deposited. A CD has a maturity date and a specified interest rate, and can be issued in any denomination. The duration can be up to five years. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
A money market instrument, also known as a CD. The certificate is evidence of a deposit made with a bank, which will be redeemed on the maturity date with interest. The difference between a certificate of deposit and a normal deposit with a bank is that a certificate of deposit is a bearer instrument ( bearer form) which can be sold on in the money markets to other investors. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary
certificate of deposit ( CD)
A negotiable certificate issued by a commercial bank as evidence of a deposit with that bank which states the maturity value, maturity rate and interest rate payable. CDs vary in size with maturities ranging from a few weeks to several years. CDs may normally be redeemed before maturity only by sale on the secondary market but may also be redeemed back to the issuing bank through payment of a penalty. Exchange Handbook Glossary

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certificate of deposit cerˌtificate of deˈposit abbreviation CD also deˈposit cerˌtificate noun certificates of deposit PLURALFORM [countable usually plural]
FINANCE BANKING a sum of money left with a bank for a particular period of time, and the document showing details of this:

• Interest from Certificates of Deposit can be deposited to your checking account.

• Philippine National Bank said it would issue $125 million worth of floating rate certificates of deposit with a maturity of three years.

ˌeurodollar cerˌtificate of ˈdeposit
a certificate of deposit offered in dollars outside the US:

• Investors have been earning about 8% on their money, which is invested in Eurodollar certificates of deposit.

ˌyankee ˌdollar cerˌtificate of deˈposit
a certificate of deposit offered by non-American banks in the US

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   ► See CD.

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certificate of deposit UK US noun [C] (plural certificates of deposit) (ABBREVIATION CD, also deposit certificate)
BANKING, FINANCE a type of investment in which customers earn interest for saving their money for a fixed period of time, or the document which shows this investment: »

3-month/5-year, etc. certificate of deposit

variable-rate/floating-rate certificate of deposit »

Interest on variable-rate certificates of deposit will be periodically adjusted in accordance with current market rates.

See also EURODOLLAR CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT(Cf. ↑Eurodollar certificate of deposit), YANKEE DOLLAR CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT(Cf. ↑yankee dollar certificate of deposit)

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